7 Steps To Land Your First Gig



Arming yourself with certain tools can be helpful in making sure that being at the ‘right place at the right time’ is not your only option in landing that first gig as a DJ.



Don’t hesitate to get to know the owners and staff of any place you spot a turntable. Follow the party crowd and get to know other DJs, who might just slot you in to open for them.



Know who you are as a DJ – develop a clear genre and unique style. Make sure that your sound offers something fresh and different, but falls under a consistent genre.



Advertise yourself on social media. Create posts and put mixes up online that reflect your brand as a DJ. This will help you gain followers; the more talk there is about you, the better.



Familiarise yourself with the sound and crowd of the venues that you are interested in. Putting a spin on your own sound to better suit their style could help you get a slot in their lineups.



When approaching managers, be professional and confident. Always have your mixes on you and ready to present and play at all times. Carry basic equipment with you in case of a last minute request.



Put in the time to go out on your own mission to see if any cool spots have any openings or events coming up that you could play at. Remember that every gig is a stepping stone.



Use every opportunity to play a set, whether it’s at a wedding or a 21st, you never know who might be there. It also gives you space to practice in front of a crowd and gain confidence before you hit the big stages.

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